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With speeds up to a gigabit per second,high-speed internet has endless possibilities.

Connect multiple users to the internet at the same time.

Access online resources for education and work.

Stay entertained while streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Grow your business with online tools and service.

Improve your health through telemedicine.

Why we need
high-speed internet?


Students living in our communities have always faced challenges accessing online assignments, but with high-speed internet, that will be a thing of the past. Students will access their homework and complete assignments on time without the worry of slow uploads and downloads.

Work From Home

Broadband services will deliver high-speed internet to homes and businesses in your corner of our service territory and will keep up with multiple devices connected at the same time, video conferencing, uploading and downloading large files and much more.


High-speed internet has revolutionized the way we entertain ourselves. It allows us to stream video and play games online and video chat with friends across the globe. A high-speed connection will turn your house into a smart home, with a few clicks will control lighting, heating and and so much more.


High-speed internet will improve remote access to rural parts of Dickson, Hickman, Cheatham, Houston and Montgomery County’s health care options, supporting cost-effective access to quality care. It will allow physicians to monitor their patients through innovative home-health devices, which avoids expensive house calls and provides patients with real-time feedback.

Our Residental Rates


Fiber-fast internet
without the bells and

per Month
  • 500 MBPS
  • Installation
  • Wi-Fi Router


Everything you need to
keep your busy life
running smoothly.

per Month
  • 1 GIG
  • FREE Installation
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Peace-of-Mind Package


Blazing-fast internet.
The multi-gig package
you’ve been waiting for

per Month
  • 2.5 GIG
  • FREE Installation
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Peace-of-Mind Package
  • *FREE Wi-Fi Extender

Add Home Phone Service to any package for $25/month.
Add Peace of Mind to Basic Package for $10/month for enhanced network security and parental controls.

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Let Us Know You’re Interested.
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Get Looped In

Let Us Know You’re Interested.
We’ll Be In Touch Soon!